swiss cuisine

if you’re going to switzerland, you better like cheese.

i love swiss cuisine because some of the main staple meals are basically all cheese. when your dinner plate contains 90% cheese and 10% foods to dip in that cheese, you know you’re doing something right.

with it being chase’s first time in switzerland, i was set on taking him to an amazing meal of fondue and of course raclette (more on that below if you don’t know what it is). switzerland is expensive, and so is dining…so if you’re going to splurge on dinner here, make sure you find a good place to do it!

i had looked up some of the best spots online, so we went straight from the train in zürich once we arrived and beelined it straight to raclette stube old town. i knew from the second we walked up to it on the sidewalk that this place was legit with their handmade signs.

i was even more sure when i walked in and saw the darling wooden booths and checkered tablecloths.

we started off with rivella, a swiss soda that is my favorite. i don’t like soda at all, but this stuff is the best. i don’t even know how to explain the taste, maybe like ginger ale meets a really light taste of coca cola, and less carbonation? yum.

we started with raclette, which is less known than fondue but it needs to be known. it’s actually a huge wheel of cheese that is warmed up, and once the top layer is melted (just before it burns)..they scrape off the layer and put it right on your plate to eat just like that. it is HEAVENLY. i love when food is browned + carmelized (almost burned), so this meal is like my dream come true.

the fondue came out next, which is one of my very favorite things. the gruyere blend used in switzerland cannot be beat. luckily for me, my mom has made fondue growing up and uses the swiss recipe, so i’ve been spoiled having it my whole life…including every new years eve! it is amazing, but fondue will always taste best in switzerland.

a table full of goodness ^^ (mostly cheese!)

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